Wire and cable laboratory equipment

Comment to Variety, but the importance and the high volume of consumption of all types of conductors, aerial cables, power in the electrical industry and the lack of reference laboratories, independent of the product in the country and also according to the requirements of research projects relating to the electrical industry, laboratory, wire and cable company knowledge base sanaf with the purpose of providing the services, the laboratory has been established. This laboratory due to its position, can play an effective role in improving the quality of wire and cable manufacturing in the country through the creation of possibility to assess the quality of the products form different in terms of units and standards, and assistance to farmers disagreement and users of these products in product selection, Superior played him. Wire and cable manufacturers regional electricity companies power distribution companies and large industries are the major customers of this laboratory

Scope of activity

This laboratory has the capability to perform tests of cables, push the weak, the usual, tests, non-electrical cables, power, pressure, temperature, and pressure (according to the international standards and national) and tests conductors aerial power lines (according to the standards of EN, ASTM and IEC) has led to, in order to perform tests of electrical power cables with rated voltage higher than a KV v, use of the facilities of the laboratory strain strong knowledge-based company sanaf prediction has been

Certificates obtained

Obtaining ISO/IEC 17025 certificate from Iranian Institute of standards and Industrial Research

Test case material

The laboratory working range and related standards based on the tested products are currently as follows

Weak pressure cables up to Category 450/750 V (IEC 60227 and ISIRI 607)
Power cables 0,6/1 kV and 1,8/3 kV (IEC 60502-1 and Isiri 3569-1)
Power cables 3, 6/6 kV to 18/30 kV (IEC 60502-2 and Isiri 3569-2)
Aerial conductors all aluminum, aluminum-steel and all steel AW ٥ ٥ ٥182), ASTM B231, ASTM B399, ASTM b416, ASTM b232, ASTM b549 and IEC 61089)
Copper aerial conductors (BS 7884)
Self-maintained cables (HD 626)

Performable tests



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