Ultrasonic is a high-frequency sound that humans cannot hear. The same waves have dramatic applications. Want to know what ultrasonic is and what applications it has

It’s called ultrasonic or ultrasonic. The same sounds we never hear have many uses

The vibration of an object creates sound waves. This vibration shakes the air molecules around the object. The vibration of objects and then the vibration of air molecules eventually reaches the eardrum and the brain interprets it as sound

They measure the frequency of sound waves with a unit called “Hz”. Sound waves that have a frequency above 20 thousand Hz are considered ultrasonic waves. These vibrations are so fast that they are not audible by the human ear

Ultrasonic or ultrasonic frequencies that the human ear is unable to hear. Of course, the term ultrasonic refers more to the applications of this frequency range. Some animals like dolphins and bats can produce, receive and understand high or low frequency sounds. These animals use ultrasonic waves to identify obstacles and environments. We humans, after we discovered the secrets of sound waves, were able to build a variety of instruments to produce or receive ultrasonic waves. If you have done an ultrasound once, then one of the applications of ultrasonic technology has helped you. Now this technology is used in submarines to advanced laboratory equipment cleaning and factories


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