Soot dispersion microscope

With 1000 magnification
High quality objective lenses
Kohler light
With adjustable light intensity and light focus and motion screw
5mpixel camera for microscope mounting
Has image Analyzer program
Compliant with standard bs2782-8-ISIRI 7175-6
Accessories include: bisturi blade for sample cutting
Lam (one package), Lam holder clamp
Sample preparation kit includes 100 Lam package
Clamp and tongs
Calibrated smoke transaction program
List down particle size
Specify the number of particles in the specified intervals
Specify total sample grid
Specify herb grid
Particle distribution chart
In accordance with ISO 18553 soot dispersion standard
View microscope image at 10 different light intensity
Ability to perform 6 Tests and averaging
Has image Analyze program

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