وبلاگ شرکت دانش بنیان صناف الکترونیک آریا



The sensor is a device used to detect and measure physical coordinates and record, mark and even react to these coordinates. Due to the fact that precision instruments are used to detect and measure various physical parameters and coordinates the sensor is considered as an integral part of the product in most instrumentation equipment

The instrumentation sensor (instrumentation sensor) is used in many different parts of the industry. Different sensors are used in pressure sensing and control. The sensors used in the pressure transducer pressure sensing and control section are also referred to. In the sensing and level control section, the instrumentation sensor (instrumentation sensor) has many uses. Also, the instrumentation sensor (precision instrument sensor) is used abundantly in the current sensing and Control Section. In the instrumentation switches section, positioning sensors are also used. Also, in the detectors section, instrumentation is used different sensors. Especially in carbon dioxide gas detectors the sensor plays a very important role


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