Rheometer testing machine

وبلاگ شرکت دانش بنیان صناف الکترونیک آریا


Rheometer testing machine

ODR model rubber rheometer machine (for sintering rubber process)

Ergonomic design
Ability to measure torque-vulcanization rate over time
Ability to set T10-T50-T90 times
Rotor oscillation angle: 10 + _ and 30 + _ and 50 + _
Dose of pneumatic system to approach the plates
In accordance with ASTMD 5289-ISO 6502 standards
Has a temperature display
Temperature control by microcontroller with accuracy of 0.3 + _ ° C
With the ability to connect to the software
Equipped with PLC controller
Ability to determine cooking time and cooking rate index
Plotting the torque-time curve
PID temperature controller
High repeatability and reliability
In accordance with ISO3417-ASTM D2084 standards

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