وبلاگ شرکت دانش بنیان صناف الکترونیک آریا


MVR (Ceast)

Model: Ceast

Automatic cutter
Automatic and accurate timer to perform automatic cutting
Includes method A-B
Has a temperature controller (the possibility of controlling the temperature at the top and bottom of the cylinder)
Timer resolution: 0.001 s
Has an elevator for loading weights automatically
Ability to save results up to 10 items
Calculation of standard deviation
Calculate average results
Ability to remove out-of-range results
Ability to delete preheating time setting
Adjustable cutting first and last sample
Ability to define the number of cutting samples at the time of testing
Gage calibration Index go-nogo
Temperature control by PID mechanism
PLC control
4 inch touch screen
Has 2 thermal zones
USB port to connect to the computer system
Declare force by hybrid weights
Mould material of tungsten carbide
Has the DIE calibration control tool
Toolbox and box for machine weights

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