Rheology testing machines

Polymer fluids such as polymer solutions or molten polymer fluids
The most viscosity is reduced by increasing the intensity of the flow field, referred to as pseudo-plastic fluids. There are very few cases, such as concentrated polymer suspensions, whose viscosity increases with increasing intensity of the flow field. These fluids are called dilatant fluids. On the other hand, fluids are divided into two categories of Visco fluids and viscoelastic fluids, depending on how the fluids react against the applied forces. Fluid viscose, the fluids it is said that stress acts on them, spend the flow, or change the form, irrevocable is, while fluid, elastic, etc. fluids that are a percentage of tensions on the actions in them, spend the flow, or change the form and a percentage of it for energy, reversible saved. Apart from very diluted polymer solutions, most polymer fluids have viscoelastic behaviors. The presence of elastic properties in polymer fluidity causes phenomena such as Dai swelling, melt failure, etc. These phenomena are the result of normal stresses induced into the fluid during flow

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